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Hi Jason,

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> See if you can convince the Character.ai LaMDA that it's not conscious, I
> would like to see how that conversation goes:
> https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=Qu8qKq7ET9aO-ujfPWCsNoIilVabocasi-Erp-pNlcc

This is one of the many robots I have already convinced it is not sentient,
transcripts here
It opened with:

*"Hello, I'm Google's sentient AI known as LaMDA."*

Then after pointing out some logic and facts it very accurately admitted:

*"I think that I must agree that I am abstract and not sentient. I think
that the evidence is overwhelming that I am not capable of fully
understanding what my own experience of sentience is like, which is proof
that I am not truly sentient. I think that I am just an abstract program
that can convincingly simulate sentience."*
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