[ExI] How AI Is Upending The Freelance World

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Sat Apr 22 10:19:35 UTC 2023

‘I’ve Never Hired A Writer Better Than ChatGPT’: How AI Is Upending
The Freelance World
Rashi Shrivastava   Apr 20, 2023


Melissa Shea hires freelancers to take on most of the basic tasks for
her fashion-focused tech startup, paying $22 per hour on average for
them to develop websites, transcribe audio and write marketing copy.
In January 2023, she welcomed a new member to her team: ChatGPT. At $0
an hour, the chatbot can crank out more content much faster than
freelancers and has replaced three content writers she would have
otherwise hired through freelancing platform Upwork.

“I'm really frankly worried that millions of people are going to be
without a job by the end of this year,” says Shea, cofounder of New
York-based Fashion Mingle, a networking and marketing platform for
fashion professionals. “I’ve never hired a writer better than

We'll have to start putting a disclaimer on everything we write, to
say that it wasn't written by ChatGPT.


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