[ExI] How AI Is Upending The Freelance World

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ChatGPT is a terrible writer so I have no idea how they picked such bad candidates. 

SR Ballard

> On Apr 22, 2023, at 6:23 AM, BillK via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
> ‘I’ve Never Hired A Writer Better Than ChatGPT’: How AI Is Upending
> The Freelance World
> Rashi Shrivastava   Apr 20, 2023
> <https://www.forbes.com/sites/rashishrivastava/2023/04/20/ive-never-hired-a-writer-better-than-chatgpt-how-ai-is-upending-the-freelance-world/>
> Quotes:
> Melissa Shea hires freelancers to take on most of the basic tasks for
> her fashion-focused tech startup, paying $22 per hour on average for
> them to develop websites, transcribe audio and write marketing copy.
> In January 2023, she welcomed a new member to her team: ChatGPT. At $0
> an hour, the chatbot can crank out more content much faster than
> freelancers and has replaced three content writers she would have
> otherwise hired through freelancing platform Upwork.
> “I'm really frankly worried that millions of people are going to be
> without a job by the end of this year,” says Shea, cofounder of New
> York-based Fashion Mingle, a networking and marketing platform for
> fashion professionals. “I’ve never hired a writer better than
> ChatGPT.”
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> We'll have to start putting a disclaimer on everything we write, to
> say that it wasn't written by ChatGPT.
> BillK
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