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That's half right, but still no evidence of you understanding the most
important part.
There are lots of different properties that can represent 'red' information.
The light can represent it.  Particular signals in the brain can
represent it, and both redness and greenness qualities can be engineered to
represent knowledge of what we are seeing.
Our current terminology labels all of those different properties as 'red'.
And the current way EVERYONE observes the brain
reports their results using one abstract word 'red' (falsely grounded by
the light, if it is grounded at all)
If their systems observe redness in one brain, representing the quality of
the strawberry, and grenness in another brain, representing knowledge of
the strawberry, their systems correct for any and all such differences, and
presents red light on the screen.  In other words, they fail to know that
one person is representing his knowledge of the strawberry with a grenness,
not a redness quality.

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> Giovanni Wrote:
>  >Brent, Where the glutamate or anything else "physical" that makes the
> "redness quality" is mentioned here? These are people that really
> understand how the visual system works and nobody talks of redness quality.
> But, don't you realise, Giovanni? That's because they are 'quality
> blind'. In other words, they don't take any notice of a thing that
> doesn't exist.
> Ben
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