[ExI] a little essay on anger and respect

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Tue Apr 25 14:30:56 UTC 2023

Well, Giovanni may be right, and religious belief may be what's causing 
the problem here, but if that is the case, I see no point in further 
discussion. Belief overrides reason every time, and for the vast 
majority of people, it's their feelings that drive their thinking and 
behaviour, not reason.

I think that just about all the cases of people curing themselves of 
religion happen not because they realise it contradicts reason, but 
because it starts to feel wrong. In many cases, I think that happens 
because some people start to realise their religion is cruel and morally 
bankrupt. Which many, if not most, of them are, in my opinion. 'Original 
Sin', anyone?

Reason can then easily justify the wrong feelings, and apostasy 
naturally follows.

When your religion feels right, nothing can sway you from it, no matter 
how bonkers it is. We have abundant evidence for this, all throughout 


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