[ExI] Another ChatGPT session on qualia

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> This is the section of GPTs' reply that I wish everyone here understood:
> > My responses are generated based on patterns in the text and data that I
> have been trained on, and I do not have the ability to truly
> > understand the meaning of the words I generate. While I am able to
> generate text that appears to be intelligent and coherent, it is
> > important to remember that I do not have true consciousness or
> subjective experiences.
> GPT has no true understanding of the words it generates. It is designed
> only to generate words and sentences and paragraphs that we, the end-users,
> will find meaningful.
> *We, the end-users*, assign meaning to the words. Some people mistakenly
> project their own mental processes onto the language model and conclude
> that it understands the meanings.

How is this substantially different from a child learning to speak from the
training data of those around the child?  It's not pre-programmed: those
surrounded by English speakers learn English; those surrounded by Chinese
speakers learn Chinese.
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