[ExI] Another ChatGPT session on qualia

Giovanni Santostasi gsantostasi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 05:55:22 UTC 2023

*Perhaps it understands enough to know it lacks full understanding.*That
ancient philosophers said it is the true sign of understanding.
The question then it is what it understand and how.
One has to do experiments not ask GPT-4 because GPT-4, exactly like us,
doesn't have a comprehension of its own capabilities in particular emergent
These things need to be tested independently from asking GPT-4.
Adrian try to develop clever tests to determine GPT-4 cognitive abilities.
Also I see you use GPT-3 or 3.5 that is vastly different from GPT-4 in
terms of capabilities.
Did you see some of my cognitive experiments? In particular, the one where
I asked to draw objects using vector graphics?
It showed an incredible ability to understand spatial relationships and to
correct its own mistakes using deduction.
Scientists are already conducting several experiments to test these
cognitive abilities. In fact, GPT-4 can be considered almost like a lab
about language and cognition.


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>> It is so ridiculous Gordon, how can it tell you it doesn't understand if
>> it cannot understand?
> Understanding is not a binary yes/no thing.  Multiple degrees of
> understanding, and lack thereof, are possible.  Note that it says it does
> not "truly" understand.
> Perhaps it understands enough to know it lacks full understanding.
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