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PhD student, c.2020:
Here’s a limited argument I made based on years of specialized research.
Hope it’s OK ��

Philosopher dude, c.1770:
Here are some Thoughts I had in the Bath. They constitute Universal &
Self-Evident Laws of Nature. FIGHT ME.

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>> * grounding in the sense meant by philosophers*Philosophers are
>> completely useless in this discussion.
> It is more than mere philosophy. The symbol grounding problem is one of
> the central challenges in AI. This is why Ben Goertzel mentioned it as one
> of the reasons he thinks an LLM cannot be the core of AGI.
> > You are simply begging the question by repeating that the AI cannot have
> a self of awareness or real intelligence because it has no
> physical referents.
>  Referents needn't be physical objects, and in fact in the final analysis,
> even the referents of physical objects are subjective. I explained
> many times, but you don't care to listen.
> -gts
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