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>…GPT-4 is architecturally incapable of introspection. It has a lot of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, but the only things it knows about itself is what has been written in its training material. It cannot perceive its own decision making … Darin



Darin, this observation is what causes me to conclude that GPT has a version of consciousness but not the same brand of consciousness that humans have.  Most of what makes me me is my spending most of my time in deep introspection.  It isn’t just telling myself self-deprecating jokes and laughing at me at my expense.  That’s part of if of course, the fun part.  But… 


Much of my time is spent casting out internal self-contradictions.  I have seen GPT contradict itself, then when it is pointed out, it recognizes its own self contradiction but seems unable to resolve it.  I must conclude that GPT has a kind of consciousness but not the kind I have.



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