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I have been reading sci-fi since I was about ten - 70 years.  Hundreds of
books, many re-read.  I have learned to follow the advice: suspend your
disbelief.  When a writer creates an alien race and its customs, I accept
it and read on, though I might find it all ridiculous.

So the aliens I read about cannot be 'wrong'.  But what about the humans?
Then I can differ and complain.

What would you do if you met an alien? (let's disregard the
circumstances).  Humans would faint, have anxiety attacks, flee, physically
attack the alien, and so on.

So what do the humans in sci-fi books do?  None of that.  Remark on how
weird or ugly they are - that's all.  I find this unbelievable.  Unhuman.

What would you do?  Of course you don't know, but you could speculate.
Currently reading 'The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet' by Becky Chambers.

I have read several sci-fi books by female authors - Ann Leckie for one.
It is detectable that the author is female, but not that obvious.  Chambers
is blatantly obvious; writing about emotions and relationships far beyond
any other sci-fi author I know.  (except for Yarrow - see below)

This book is the first of a trilogy that won the Hugo for best series.
They could have easily been re-written, taking out all the sci-fi tech and
aliens.  I do enjoy it this way, though.

Another: 'Fourth Wing' by Rebecca Yarrows - a totally smash hit, as is the
sequel 'Iron Flame'.  More of a fantasy since the tech is about equal to
our 18th century stuff, and there are lots of dragons and magic.  (and lots
of sex and jealousies - the two main characters are about 20 years old and
it shows)

It also could have been written without those, just focusing on the
emotions and relationships.  But again, I do enjoy it as is.

Too bad we did not have more female writers from the beginning. Just a few.

bill w
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