[ExI] Fwd: Are transhumanists becoming the bad guys?

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sat Dec 2 12:10:08 UTC 2023

On 02/12/2023 08:28, Daniel wrote:
> it was the first time I heard that specifically transhumanists were
> part of the conspiracy to kill the soul.

Ben Replied:

Ha, I like that expression!

Glad to be part of the conspiracy to kill the soul, where 'soul' means 
the superstitious concept of a ghostly other self that somehow evades 
all the laws of physics and serves as an aethereal ear for priests to 
twist to make you do what they want.

Which, of course, makes me a good guy! It's the dualists that are the 
real bad guys.

Ben the soul-killing conspirator.

Actually, I just thought: If transhumanists are /part of/ the conspiracy 
to kill the soul, who else is on on it?
I'd like to know who we are assumed to be in bed with (in the 
conspiratorial sense) (I mean apart from Satanists, that one's a given 
(proper Satanists, not the cartoon ones that the catholic church invented)).

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