[ExI] TEST: please send me PGP-encrypted email

ExiMod ExiMod at protonmail.com
Sat Dec 2 20:14:30 UTC 2023

Hi Giulio

Extropy-chat is a publicly accessible email list and does not use encryption.

I presume you are referring to private emails, not going through extropy-chat.
To ensure privacy, it may be more convenient for your contacts to obtain a free Proton Mail email account. As you know, this service offers end-to-end encryption for all emails sent between Proton Mail users.
Additionally, to provide end-to-end encryption between Proton Mail and external email providers, Proton Mail provides two options: [Password-protected Emails(new window)](https://proton.me/support/password-protected-emails) and PGP encryption.

Regards, ExiMod

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On Saturday, 2 December 2023 at 09:12, Giulio Prisco via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:

> Hi, I'm thinking to become more privacy-conscious and use this mailbox more. Could you send me PGP-encrypted mail to test? Public key attached.
> I don't really need more privacy because I'm an open book, and independent thinking is not illegal... yet. But one day it could. Also, I want to show solidarity to those who need strong privacy.
> Best - Giulio
> --
> Giulio Prisco
> https://linktr.ee/giulioprisco
> giulioprisco at protonmail.ch
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