[ExI] Islands of trans-humanity

Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 16:23:32 UTC 2023

" next few centuries of transhumanism,"

I doubt this.  Whatever the fate of humanity is, it will go to
completion within decades, not centuries.


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> I doubt this is a novel train of thought... but...
> One of the more interesting ways that transhumanism could be "bad" is
> the idea that over the next few centuries of transhumanism, different
> "species" of human could rapidly evolve (though not through natural
> selection, unnaturally) into islands of trans-humans that can no
> longer interbreed. By creating this rapidly dividing delta in the
> river of hominid divergence, it could create interesting dynamics of
> "us" and "them" which could lead to a destructive fragmentation of
> society.
> I welcome science fiction along these lines...
> -Kelly
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