[ExI] Islands of trans-humanity

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Mon Dec 4 12:10:57 UTC 2023

On Sun, Dec 3, 2023 at 7:44 PM Stuart LaForge via extropy-chat
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> Also, while never really explored in-story, in the Star Trek franchise,
> the relatively common occurrences of humans interbreeding with alien
> species to produce half-Vulcans and half-Klingons, suggests that rather
> than being independently evolved other species, Humans, Vulcans (and by
> extension, Romulans), and Klingons seem to be subspecies of the same
> space-faring progenitor species that might have seeded them on their
> home-worlds.
> There really isn't any other good scientific explanation for their
> mysterious genetic compatibility. Doubly so if Spock and his fellow
> half-breed are fertile themselves. It could also explain why the
> majority of aliens in the Star Trek are so phenotypically similar to
> humans as to look like people with prosthetics and make up on. :)

I'm pretty sure that was dealt with explicitly in Star Trek somewhere
along the line, though I can't remember exactly where. Perhaps in TNG?
But it was convenient that almost all "aliens" were so NOT really


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