[ExI] Futuristic philosophies discussion incl. Anders Sandberg

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Wed Dec 6 18:32:36 UTC 2023

(Suggested by Dave Oberting).

Superintelligent AI: Transhumanism etc.

The futuristic philosophies favoured by AI’s most prominent supporters.
5 Dec 2023

In the penultimate episode of this Tech Tonic series, hosts Madhumita Murgia and John Thornhill look at some of the futuristic objectives that are at the centre of the AI industry’s quest for superintelligence and hear about the Extropians, a surprisingly influential group of futurists from the early 1990s. Anders Sandberg, senior research fellow at Oxford university's Future of Humanity Institute, sets out some of the ideas developed in the Extropians mailing list.

Podcast. 27 minutes.

Transcript here:


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