[ExI] Could the Universe Be Finite?

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> It’s not absurd to think the universe might have an edge.
> By Eric Schwitzgebel & Jacob Barandes    December 15, 2023
> On recent estimates, the observable universe—the portion of the
> universe that we can detect through our telescopes—extends about 47
> billion light-years in every direction. But the limit of what we can
> see is one thing, and the limit of what exists is quite another.
> <https://nautil.us/could-the-universe-be-finite-466593/>
> Quote:
> Leading cosmologists, including Alex Vilenkin, Max Tegmark, and Andrei
> Linde, have argued that spatial infinitude is the natural consequence
> of the best current theories of cosmic inflation. Given that, plus the
> absence of evidence for an edge or closed topology, infinitude seems a
> reasonable default view. The mere 47 billion light-years we can see is
> the tiniest speck of a smidgen of a drop in an endless expanse.

Here is a good explanation of how the universe can be spatially infinite
when seen from inside a finite bubble created by inflation:



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