[ExI] Home smart speakers could report crimes or violence

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MB do you have a phone?  It is listening to your conversation even when you
aren't using it apparently.

Reason: I was on vacation on a road trip in Washington.  At a gas stop, I
commented discussed wind turbines on the Columbia River with my sone and
mentioned to my bride that the zipper was broken on my hoodie.  When I got
to camp that night, my ad banners were filled with advertisements of hoodies
and... wind turbine parts.

The hoodie business might have been a coincidence.  But that is the only
time ever I have received advertisements for wind turbine parts.  

I am open to alternative explanations for those ads.


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I don't understand it either.  There are reasons my computer does not have a
working camera looking at me, nor a working microphone listening to me.

When all these "smart" devices first came out I thought they were
wonderfully clever, but didn't have money to install/makeover my home to be
"smart.  It only took a short while for me to notice the invisible listeners
& watchers.... So in my home there is no Alexa, no Siri, and my car has no
such things either.

Of course there are downsides to living "dumb". I'm willing to take that


On Thu, December 21, 2023 06:43, efc--- via extropy-chat wrote:
> No, I doubt it. It's been known for a long time that police can go in 
> and get recordings and I haven't heard or read about anyone who 
> objects. That is very scary according to me. =/
> Best regards,
> Daniel
> On Thu, 21 Dec 2023, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:
>> Could smart speakers protect women against intimate partner violence?
>> by Monash University   December 18, 2023
>> <https://phys.org/news/2023-12-smart-speakers-women-intimate-partner.
>> html>
>> Quotes:
>> New research from Monash University examines the practical, ethical 
>> and political challenges of using smart home technologies to protect 
>> women from intimate partner violence in their own homes.
>> One in four Australian houses has at least one "smart speaker." This 
>> powerful "always on" surveillance technology offers an unprecedented 
>> opportunity to detect and predict events that take place in the home.
>> Patents lodged by Google, and research carried out overseas, suggest 
>> that smart speakers could detect screams, shouting and other audio 
>> signals associated with intimate partner violence.
>> ------------------
>> Surely people will just get rid of these devices once it becomes 
>> known that they are police / morality spies?
>> BillK
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