[ExI] Home smart speakers could report crimes or violence

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>> To disappear from the system, you need to hide the phone in a Faraday pouch.
>> (Of course, this is very suspicious behaviour).  ;)
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> Really, people need to realise that our rulers cannot resist the
> temptation to track everyone, everywhere, all the time.
> The article I quoted a few weeks ago covered this.
> <https://slate.com/technology/2023/12/ai-mass-spying-internet-surveillance.html>
> The Internet Enabled Mass Surveillance. A.I. Will Enable Mass Spying.

Well, a small mitigating factor is that humans are still necessary to
enforce the laws and drag the people into prisons.

It's not a big comfort, but at least better than nothing. ;)

So attempting to draw this to the extreme, imagine that half the
population are known to have been doing something illegal. Dragging them
off to prison would then mean the other half of the population would
have to stop generating value in order to engage in destructive work,
and then there will be medieval times and pitchforks.

Looking at the other extreme, with only one police man trying to police
a million, it won't matter if his AI knows everything.

Of course there will probably be a "happy" middle, and given enough
time, fully autonomous robots, but for the near future at least the
involvement of human being puts some kind of limitation on the bad news.

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