[ExI] Limiting factor to the Intelligence Singularity?

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Subject: [ExI] Limiting factor to the Intelligence Singularity?

>...Einstein proposed that nothing could achieve the speed of light because
it gained mass as it got closer to that speed...
>...Is it possible that the exponential curve towards the singularity has a
hidden negative signal of increased resistance to progress because of the
required size of the team? ...-Kelly

Cool analogy Kelly.

I hafta think there are some negative feedback loops we don't really know
about yet, or don't know well.  Of course a controls engineer will think of
that possibility: the absence of negative feedback loops in any mechanical
system leads to a singularity, or a resonance, or some kind of breakdown in
the linearity of the system.

Singularity theory requires the absence of negative feedback.  We still
don't know if that model is right.


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