[ExI] AI ChatGPT Outperforms Humans in Providing Social Advice

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Sat Dec 23 18:00:08 UTC 2023

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> > I very consistently use ChatGPT when writing sensitive emails to
> > squeeze out the Aspherger's type phrases I picked up after years of
> > programming. It consistently fixes my tone and puts more humanity into
> > my communications than I am able to do by myself. It's saved my butt
> > quite a few times now. I just write the email I want to with the "fuck
> > yous" and tell ChatGPT to make it nice and viola! I get a nicely
> > phrased email suitable for humans.
> >
> > -Kelly
> > _______________________________________________
> That's a good use for ChatGPT.
> Maybe it could also help Elon Musk talk to X customers
> and improve his language! :)

It might at that.

I once again used ChatGPT to compose a letter this morning... took 4
iterations... I'd be happy to share:

To whom it may concern,

As close friends and employers of <name redacted>, we have the unique
opportunity to observe his daily life and the challenges he bravely
faces. <name redacted> is more than just a contributor to society; he
is a testament to the strength of the human spirit in facing
adversity. Despite the personal challenges he endures, notably with
his wife’s health situation, his ability to work and live
independently is a clear indication of his capabilities.

<name redacted>'s generosity and community spirit are exemplified in
actions like helping co-workers with transportation, even going so far
as to give away his own car. This selflessness is just one aspect of
his character that makes him a valued member of our community.

While <name redacted> may not focus on personal appearance, this trait
does not reflect any deeper dysfunction. We see <name redacted> in a
light that occasional observers cannot, and we are confident in his
ability to manage his life with the same diligence he shows at work.
We are actively working with him to enhance this aspect of his life,
and he is receptive to these efforts. With his wife now in care, <name
redacted> has the opportunity to focus more on his personal

We understand that some may express concern over <name redacted>'s
situation, especially with the recent changes in his personal life.
However, these concerns, while well-intentioned, may not fully account
for <name redacted>'s resilience and resourcefulness. We see him
overcome challenges daily, and his desire to work and be a part of our
team is not just a job for him; it’s a part of his identity and his
anchor in these turbulent times.

The community’s support for <name redacted> is overwhelming. Whenever
we mention his progress, the positive response is heartwarming. This
community love reinforces the positive impact <name redacted> has on

In conclusion, we stand firmly in support of <name redacted>'s
continued independence and well-being. His contribution to our
workplace and the community is invaluable, and we are committed to
supporting him in every way possible. We welcome any discussions
regarding his future and care.

Kelly Anderson

I thought it turned out considerably better than I could have done by
myself, and was very quick work.


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