[ExI] New Wolfram Free Course on Finite Mathematics

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 16:08:35 UTC 2023

Finite Mathematics in Wolfram Language
December 22, 2023    John McNally

I am glad to announce the launch of Introduction to Finite
Mathematics, a free interactive course that will help open the world
of finite mathematics to students from any background. Topics are
chosen to align with college courses on finite mathematics and are
presented so that you can learn how to use either Wolfram Language or
pen and paper to perform calculations.

The course introduces a range of topics, including matrices, linear
systems, linear optimization, the mathematics of finance, probability,
Markov chains and game theory. The presentation of these topics will
give students a solid foundation for applying the math that they know
to real problems that arise in business and decision making.

I had to look up the term 'Finite Mathematics'.  :)
Finite Mathematics focuses on discrete phenomena related to the finite
universe of numbers. Unlike calculus, which focuses on exploring and
describing smooth and continuous change, Finite Mathematics excels at
analyzing distinct elements and systems that are countable and often
rooted in real-world scenarios and data. As such, the topics covered
in finite mathematics are often applicable to computer science,
statistics, and operations research.
(Calculus not required will be a relief to many students).  :)


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