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>> What else could it be
> Lots of things, including several possibilities we have not yet thought of.  Just because we know what it isn't, does not itself mean we know what it is

I was in this camp for years, don't know what it is, but it has to be
something natural.  Then the astronomers found 24 other blinking stars
in a cluster around Tabby's star.  At that point, natural just didn't
work.  There is also my background being one of the very few people
who have worked on space radiators.  These things are not at the
expected temperature for the distance to the star.  They are
apparently using directional heat radiation similar to the designs I
have done for power satellites.

If you are convinced that what we see is *not* alien megastructures,
well, good for you.  Hope you are right because I really don't like
competition that close.

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