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> The Atlantic
> It Sure Looks Like Phones Are Making Students Dumber
> Opinion by Derek Thompson  •  19 Dec 2023
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> https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/it-sure-looks-like-phones-are-making-students-dumber/ar-AA1lIX7i
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> Quotes:
> For the past few years, parents, researchers, and the news media have
> paid closer attention to the relationship between teenagers’ phone use
> and their mental health. Researchers such as Jonathan Haidt and Jean
> Twenge have shown that various measures of student well-being began a
> sharp decline around 2012 throughout the West, just as smartphones and
> social media emerged as the attentional centerpiece of teenage life.
> Some have even suggested that smartphone use is so corrosive, it’s
> systematically reducing student achievement. I hadn’t quite believed
> that last argument—until now.
> The deeper, most interesting story is that test scores have been
> falling for years—even before the pandemic. Across the OECD, science
> scores peaked in 2009, and reading scores peaked in 2012. Since then,
> developed countries have as a whole performed “increasingly poorly” on
> average. “No single country showed an increasingly positive trend in
> any subject,” PISA reported, and “many countries showed increasingly
> poor performance in at least one subject.” Even in famously
> high-performing countries, such as Finland, Sweden, and South Korea,
> PISA grades in one or several subjects have been declining for a
> while.
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> Although this report refers to students, smartphone use is now endemic
> throughout the whole population. So the IQ declines affect the entire
> population of developed nations.
> BillK
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