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> High speed rail is much more energy and economy efficient than planes
> though, once you have the infrastructure.  It's an investment in the
> future.

### Read what I wrote on Chicom high speed rail in my other post. It's not
an investment in the future, it's a way to burn the resources you need to
get to the future.

High speed rail is not more efficient than planes. If it was, people would
want to use it and unsubsidized ticket prices would cover the cost of
building and maintaining it - which never happens outside of some parts of

> China plays the long game and it's why they are so scary.

### This is the lie that the Chicom want you to believe. All they do is
subject to the whims of a dictator and oligarchy ("princelings"), random
useless shit they do with what they stole from the Chinese people (30% of
GDP is directly used by the state compared to 5 - 10% in most other
countries), from making the Covid virus to covering it up to crazy 3 year
lockdown to sudden "opening" without even stocking up on meds to treat
Covid. It's a frightening combination of totalitarian control and chaos.

Chicom China is scary but not because they are so efficient but because
they are depraved.

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