[ExI] Detecting ChatGPT texts

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Subject: [ExI] Detecting ChatGPT texts

An app developed by a Princeton University student helps determine if a text is written by a human or by the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can be used to write articles about anything, though I believe that because of its training it doesn't know about anything after 2021.
ChatGPT output could also start appearing on social media, Twitter, etc. Even on email lists like Exi-chat.  But to be realistic, it would have to learn how to become angry and start insulting other readers!



No way Jose!  BillK yer outta yer mind!

Oh wait... retract.

I am having a lotta fun with ChatGPT.  It is clear enough to me that the education system needs to react quickly, but not in finding better ways to detect if ChatGPT is being used.  Let the students use it.  But find ways that the education system can work with it rather than against it.

My previous post was about how the education system is not so great in helping students with self-esteem.  Now it has gotten worse in a way: this software can demonstrate that students suck.  So... now we need ways to turn out students who we have helped self-actualize that they suck, but still make them feel good about that.


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