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>…To have a singularity as described, it is necessary to completely remove human - non-exponentially-accelerating, or at least not doing so nearly fast enough to reduce generation times small enough to achieve a singularity any time soon - input from the loop… Adrian



Ja.  Adrian I am interested in how that author uses the term singularity in a limited sense, rather than the general one we tend to think of.  This would be a singularity in the sense that some people know something suddenly changed: high school literature teachers for instance, and perhaps Science Olympiad coaches.  But most people go about their business unaware anything changed, and it didn’t in their world.


We have had examples of it, in the chess world recently, where we think someone was somehow using a computing device and hiding it carefully enough it wasn’t found by a metal detector.  I looked at that game in question and believe that was done with some kind of computing device, but of course there is no way to prove it.  But now the big money chess tournaments are likely to end.  If one guy figured out how to do it, others will too.  The singularity has come to the professional chess world.


These are all specialized small s singularities.  It could be those will just happen more and more often.



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