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Dave S snapbag at proton.me
Thu Jan 12 16:31:54 UTC 2023

On Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 at 6:46 PM, spike jones via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:

> Reason has an interesting take on Vinge’s singularity, by focusing on a particular aspect. We think of a general AI singularity, but this writer Michael Munger looks at only how ChatGPT and its cousins will impact writing. He makes some really good points here:
> [The Future of GPT4 Chatbot Text Production (reason.com)](https://reason.com/2023/01/10/the-text-singularity/?utm_medium=email)

Which points do you think are really good? I wasn't that impressed with the article.

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