[ExI] Tracking Phone Location IDs offenders

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Thu Jan 12 21:17:31 UTC 2023

For my next phone I will buy the phone and the pay as you go sim card with cash.  Before I activate it flash it with grapheneos.  Only pay for more on the sim card with cash or crypto.  This way the phone is not tied to my true name.   I will always run it with VPN on.   I pay a fair amount of attention to whether there are any apps added that may send out farmed information about wifi base stations near me.  That still leaves cell tower triangulation. But it is better than the average bear.  If I am really nervous I will turn it off and drop it in a faraday bag before I leave home and take it out and use it only for emergencies.   I don't give out the main number to hardly anyone anymore but instead give out virtual numbers where I don't just make one up for some stupid form that insists on it but doesn't need it.   Most things that demand a phone # don't need one or need SMS on it once or for some lame form of 2FA. 

I am slowly training contacts to use Signal and I will eventually get around to using VOIP only as much as possible from home base.   You can do voice and audio calls with Signal as well. 

I think reclaiming privacy is important and better to figure this stuff out before the government and other busies get so tyrannical there really isn't space and access to prepare.  I sadly think the day is coming when all of us need such things.    Too much is being made illegal or super regulated that is essential to living life as a free human being. 

- samantha

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> But the interesting comment is that switching off their smartphones
> probably would not have helped.
> Quote:
> There’s a whole lot of surveillance you can do if you can follow
> everyone, everywhere, all the time. I don’t even think turning your
> cell phone off would help in this instance. How many people in the
> Washington area turned their phones off during exactly the times of
> the Washington power station attacks? Probably a small enough number
> to investigate them all.
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> Smartphones?? Just say NO! :)
> BillK
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