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>… I learned a bit more about that agriculture event at yesterday's Aggie invitational.  This was the first year for the event so ….  spike


I found out that not only was this the first year the ag-sci event was added to Science Olympiad, the Aggie Invitational last weekend was the first tournament where it was played.  The event consisted of a written test developed by… the UC Davis Aggies.  


I know, what a shock.


College students are busy.  But somehow these student volunteers wrote a long test with questions from allll ooooover agriculture science, which is huge.  The field is so vast (heh) that study is nearly pointless: there’s just too much to know.  It’s the oldest of the sciences, ja?  Humans knew all about ag sci before we knew from Shinola.


Two upstart teams with six days to prepare used ChatGPT for training and took second and third places, of 48 teams.


OK.  College students are busy.  They somehow came up with a test for high school SciOly players.  Then it occurred to me: they mighta asked ChatGPT to write an AgSci test for them.


So I went over to ChatGPT to ask it to write a test for me.  It came back with this:



Is anyone here on ChatGPT now?  If so, please ask it to write an AgSci test appropriate for high school students to complete in one hour.  Do post the results please.




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