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>…Spike, just what would you use the chatAI robot other than playing around?  Similarly, what would I do with the thing?  bill w




Anything you want Billw.  Do anything you want with it.  


Regarding playing around, you and I are scandalously idle retired guys.  We have nothing to do but play.  Or volunteer or help train SciOly teams, whatever the hell we wanna do.  Life is like the original series, season 1 episode 15 where Roddenberry first started allowing scripts from other writers besides himself, which is when interesting and imaginative stuff began to happen.  


Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sulu beamed down to a mysterious planet Rigel in Omicron Delta, but the landing crew didn’t have any redshirts with them to get killed, nobody for McCoy to say “He’s dead Jim.”  So they killed McCoy.  But fortunately it was an illusion and he was not harmed.  The captain figures out it is an amusement park planet where there is no danger, nobody to fight, no mosquitoes, nothing to do but play.  Well, that’s… cool and all, but… Kirk isn’t happy unless he is fighting somebody or killing something.


BillK, we are not Kirk.  We are cheerfully retired guys with nothing to do but play.  So… I do.  ChatGPT is a fun toy that appears to have been shown to me and suddenly yanked away.  I have been waiting 3 hrs to get on there just to have it write a test for me.  For now, I am perfectly content to stay on Rigel and just play.


Side note: E1.15 (Shore Leave) was perhaps my favorite episode, the one I remember best from my childhood.  At age 6, Rigel sounded like a wicked cool place.








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