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> >…So says my fiance, who grew up an agricultural engineer…
> Your WHAT?  ADRIAN!  The eternal bachelor, is taking the old plunge!  Well
> bless your ass, me lad.  Or is it… spleen?  Kidney?  Oh wait HEART!  I knew
> it was one of those organs.  Bless your heart, and best wishes to you and
> your bride.  Matrimony has been very very good to me.  May it be to you as
> well.

I realized some years ago, if I was to eventually marry (and not just some
corporate/arranged thing where she and I would barely interact afterward),
I needed someone I could go crazy with, not just at.  In other words,
someone who could competently partner with me on my projects.  Alas, lady
mad scientists are rather rare.
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