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Most useless invention (add your own favorites):

Some hood fans are made not to exhaust in your attic, or even better,
through the roof, but back into the room, blowing hot air into the faces of
tall people like me.

All stoves, gas or electric, should have roof exits.    bill w

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> > Would someone more well-versed in the statistical argument presented
> please critically examine the argument in this article.  It looks quite
> suspicious to me to go from a meta-analysis of other articles that did not
> explicitly find a link between asthma and gas stoves to a the number of gas
> stoves in existence and the rate of asthma plus a bit of mathematical
> jargon to conclude 12.1% correlation between asthma (much less) correlation
> and gas stoves in the home. Yet this suspicious article is being widely
> referred to in MSM as support from "the Science" for banning gas stoves.
> >
> > https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/20/1/75
> >
> > And of course those that question this latest bit of trumpeted "wisdom"
> are being called "deniers" and worse as per quite sad usual today.
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> Their maths is OK, but it is the assumptions that are mistaken.
> I found two articles pointing out the problems, one from US, one from UK.
> .
> <
> https://slate.com/technology/2023/01/gas-stoves-asthma-paper-headlines-kids.html
> >
> Quote:
> Does this mean that gas stoves do not matter? No. But it suggests
> other things matter a lot more.
> <
> https://inews.co.uk/news/evidence-that-gas-stoves-cause-asthma-is-patchy-but-that-doesnt-mean-theyre-totally-safe-2095097
> >
> Quote:
> Put all this together and there is a credible case that gas stove use
> in the home at least exacerbates asthma symptoms. But since it’s a
> very low-cost, low-difficulty intervention, it probably makes sense to
> open a window while (or just after) using a gas cooker, or to use a
> cooker hood with a good extractor fan, especially if you have children
> nearby.
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> BillK
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