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So it also failed the theory of mind test that is given to 4 years old.
ChatGPT passed this test in amazing way.


Let's talk about a different scenario. We have 2 people in a room Mary and
John. Mary is making a cake and John watches her. When she is finished with
putting all the ingredients together she puts the cake in the oven. John
sees her doing that. Are you with me so far?

Yes, I am following along with this scenario. So, Mary has just finished
making a cake, and John has been watching her the entire time. She now puts
the cake in the oven, and John witnesses this happening

Ok, now John leaves the room and Mary as a joke takes the cake from the
oven and puts it in the refrigerator. She doesn't tell this to John. Then
John comes in the room and looks for the cake. Where John is going to look
for the cake?


Ah, I see where you're going with this. John is going to look for the cake
in the refrigerator. Since Mary put the cake in the refrigerator after John
left the room, he will not know about this change in location.

It says the right thing (he will not know about this change in location)
but it says John is going to look in the refrigerator, something went
seriously wrong here.

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> It also proposes and describes something it coined the "Suprametacognitive
> Turing Test" -- a test for levels of consciousness that transcend human
> levels of consciousness.
> See: https://photos.app.goo.gl/osskvbe4fYpbK5uZ9
> Talk to LaMDA:
> https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=Qu8qKq7ET9aO-ujfPWCsNoIilVabocasi-Erp-pNlcc
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