[ExI] Team PoliMOVE Wins Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES 2023

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Wed Jan 25 00:04:10 UTC 2023

The team from Politechnico di Milano and the University of Alabama
beat eight others, as self-driving racecars passed one another at
record speeds.
By Eugene Demaitre · January 8, 2023

The Indy Autonomous Challenge, or IAC, has been a leading event to
showcase advances in self-driving cars, with races in Indianapolis;
Fort Worth, Texas; and Las Vegas. Yesterday, Team PoliMOVE won its
third race in a row at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the IAC @ CES

“This year was a much greater challenge—we saw something that last
year we couldn't even imagine: cars interacting properly on track,
trying to overtake one another, I would say, in the most safe way that
we can aim at on a racetrack,” said Andrea Ticozzi, an autonomous
racing engineer at PoliMOVE.

In the final round, TUM Autonomous Motorsport's car passed that of
PoliMOVE at a distance of under a few feet at more than 115 mph. The
teams reached top speeds of 180 mph, a new autonomous speed world
record for a racetrack, reported the IAC.

In its final pass, PoliMOVE's vehicle autonomously passed TUM's
racecar at 175 mph, but TUM's car later hit “the marbles”—dust and
tire fragments—near the outside wall and spun out, allowing PoliMOVE
to pull ahead to victory.

Includes 1 min. video of the cars racing.


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