[ExI] Conscious AI or a Zombie?

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> If you believe that philosophical zombies are logically impossible, then consciousness is logically necessary (in the presence of certain behavioral, sensory, and introspective capacities). Accordingly, I believe that consciousness was an unavoidable consequence during the course of evolution of life on Earth as once nature created creatures having certain capacities/abilities, consciousness had no other choice but to exist, it became logically necessary.
> The same, I believe, is true for AI. It is unavoidable when we create machines of certain abilities, and I believe existing software is already conscious. For example, my open source project on artificial sentience could be such an example: https://github.com/jasonkresch/bots
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I am very impressed with the ability of the latest LLM chatbots to
understand and reply to complex questions. Some can write short
essays in response.
But I doubt that they should be considered to be 'conscious'.

For example, I asked an AI - Does computer consciousness require agency?
The admirable essay I received in return can be summarized as –
Probably yes, but some researchers disagree.

The next generation of AI should be something to behold!


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