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Mon Jul 3 13:51:55 UTC 2023

No, Ben, I really do not know our privacy laws.  I know that for some
things (and I don't know what) a judge has to agree to let the police dig
into your life.  A warrant.

Millions of cops.  A few bad eggs.  Many problems:  we don't screen them
enough at all; we don't pay them enough at all.  We present being a cop as
a military police type of thing.  Wrong attitude.  Many cops are from the
lower classes and there is where you get more racism.  So many weapons the
cops are afraid and angry before they even get to a crime scene.  So that
leads to irrational overreacting.

Many cops have been kicked off the force, indicted,and put in prison.  It
is a shame that so much bad cop behavior happens, but we don't tend to
tolerate it.  Body cameras on cops have been really helpful.

bill w

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> On 02/07/2023 19:00, bill w wrote:
> > Does being arrested let the police dig into your smartphone, PC,
> > online media, etc.?  If we don't have privacy laws covering some of
> > this, we need them.  bill w
> Bill, you live in the USA, you should know that being arrested lets the
> police do anything they damn well please, up to and including murder.
> But you don't have to be arrested for various government bodies to dig
> into any information at all. Privacy laws are irrelevant. if Edward
> Snowden et. al. did nothing else, they proved that.
> Ben
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