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Dear Extropy friends,

     How are you doing? It is always great to connect with such great visionary minds, particularly about an exciting and revolutionary book!
     I am really thrilled to tell you that my Spanish bestseller "La muerte de la muerte" written with my British coauthor David Wood has just been published in English by Springer Nature with the title "The Death of Death". This is really exciting since my book has trully become a global bestseller in many languages from Spanish to German, from French to Russian, and it has just gone on pre-sale with Amazon. The book has a wonderful Prologue by Aubrey de Grey and Epilogue by Alex Zhavoronkov, besides some great testimonials from George Church, Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku and many other great minds. We really appreciate all your help to advance our cause and promote #TheDeathOfDeath with interviews, media coverage, book reviews, articles, presentations, webinars, podcasts and just sharing with your family, friends and social media. We are in this together, trying to kill death before death kills us! We live between the last mortal generation and the first immortasl generation, where do you want to be? We will be immortally grateful, literally, for all your help, please!
     David and myself welcome any promotion that will help to advance the death of death around the world, in more and more languages. Thus, can you kindly order a copy now since this is fundamental for the book rankings, please? I really appreciate all you have been doing in this area with so much dedication. Let me know if you get a copy and kindly leave some comments on Amazon, and certainly 5 stars, if you wish, please  https://www.amazon.com/Death-Scientific-Possibility-Immortality-Copernicus-ebook/dp/B0BXGSJSTX
     We have prepared a website with the current editions of our global bestseller, where we will include additional languages as the book is published in other countries. You can check the website that begins with a nice presentation with David and myself, I hope you like and share it too, please: https://thedeathofdeath.org/
     Thank you so much in advance, any support promoting the book is great, and looking forward to your comments, please... Live Long and Prosper 

     Futuristically yours,

     La vie est belle!
Jose Cordeiro, MBA, PhD (www.cordeiro.org)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Luis_Cordeiro

Enter any drugstore or bookstore, and we confronted with a mountain of nonsense concerning the aging process. Society seems obsessed with aging. That is why The Death of Death is such a refreshing delight, able to cut through the hype and reveal a balanced, authoritative, and lucid discussion of this controversial topic. It summarizes the astonishing breakthroughs made recently in revealing how science may one day conquer the aging process.Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and author of The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything
We are entering a Fantastic Voyage into life extension, crossing different bridges that will take us to indefinite life spans. The Death of Death explains clearly how we might soon reach longevity escape velocity and live long enough to live forever.Ray Kurzweil, co-author of Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever and co-founder of Singularity University
José and David have captured the spirit of what may be the greatest revolution in history. Not some abstract far distant promise but an exponential growth of rigorous discovery and technology in our midst but understood by only a few. This clear prose will help you join the conversation and choose a path. You should definitely read this international bestseller!George Church, professor at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and founding member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
The Death of Death is a truly revolutionary book. This is a visionary book that confronts us with the terrible reality of aging, and its authors are friends and connoisseurs of the subject. I believe that the authoritative and exhaustive description of this crusade that José and David make in this excellent book will accelerate this process. Forward!Aubrey de Grey, founder of LEV (Longevity Escape Velocity) Foundation and co-author of Ending Aging
- "The Death of Death" is a global bestseller published in several major languages around the world, from Spanish to French, from Russian to Turkish, from Korean to Portuguese, from German to Chinese, and now also in English, with more editions coming soon in Arabic, Bulgarian, Italian, Japanese, Persian and other languages.
- The coauthors are technology experts educated at MIT (Jose Cordeiro, PhD) and Cambridge University (David Wood, ScD) involved now also in biotechnology. This international bestseller has a Prologue by biogerontogist Aubrey de Grey, PhD, and the Epilogue by AI and aging expert Alexander Zhavoronkov, PhD. Many testimonials include those of George Church, Michio Kaku, Ray Kurzweil, etc.
- We are in the middle of a technological revolution that will soon achieve radical life extension and indefinite lifespans for all those interested.
- We are going to see more technological advances in the next 20 years that in the last 2.000 years.
- Major technology companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc.) are entering the biology, health and medicine sectors as the biggest business opportunity of the future.
- Aging is the common enemy of humanity, aging causes more deaths that all other causes combined. In advanced countries, about 90% of the people die of age-related diseases.
- Cell rejuvenation was scientifically proved by Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka in 2006, and organ rejuvenation by Harvard professor David Sinclair and others in 2020.
- More and more people are beginning to study aging as a disease, but fortunately, a curable disease. We know now that aging is a medical condition that is treatable, and apparently reversible.
- Google started Calico, Jeff Bezos and other billionaires founded Altos Labs, and now the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has created the Hevolution Foundation to reverse aging, and with billions of dollars behind.
- The proof that biological immortality is possible is that it already exists. There are immortal cells (like germ cells and cancer cells) and also immortal organisms (like hydras and immortal jellyfish).
- This is the most exciting time to be alive, and to remain alive. During the next two decades we should be able to control and reverse aging.
- We are living between the last mortal generation and the first immortal generation!
- The longevity industry will be the biggest industry in human history in the next 20 years, just like energy companies were the biggest companies 20 years ago, and the technology companies are now.
- According to futurists like Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google and cofounder of Singularity University, death will be optional by 2045.
- Humanity has an incredible opportunity now with some countries able to position themselves as leading nations in longevity thanks to top researchers and scientists working to reverse their declining and fast aging populations. "The Death of Death" explains how to advance in rejuvenation technologies, and how we can capitalize on the "Longevity Dividend" for longer, healthier, richer, safer, better lives.
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