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Most interstellar ambitions are flat-out impossible without some form of
faster than light drive.

What few theoretically possible ways we know of to achieve this, can not be
developed without the sort of mature outer space industry that seems highly
unlikely to happen without associated human colonization of non-Earth
bodies in our solar system.

Therefore, to reach across the stars we must first seriously begin to
colonize the solar system.

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> We can leave the Solar System, but arriving anywhere is not happening soon.
> What if we dropped interstellar ambitions and focused on understanding
> our home system?
> Paul Sutter - 7/10/2023
> <
> https://arstechnica.com/science/2023/07/get-comfortable-in-the-solar-system-well-be-here-for-a-while/
> >
> Quote:
> If we want to travel among the stars, we have to figure out a way to
> conquer the unfathomable gulfs of nothingness that separate us. Let’s
> leave aside the idea of sending humans on that kind of expedition
> anytime soon, if ever. We can’t even send people to Mars, the next
> nearest planet, without intense investment to solve the engineering
> challenges associated with such a journey.
> So let’s focus on robotic probes for now, as that will have to do for
> several generations to come. If we want to get to Proxima Centauri
> quickly, we have to accelerate our craft to a decent fraction of the
> speed of light (and even that’s not that fast; a probe capable of
> near-light speed would still take nearly half a decade).
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