[ExI] Seeing if this is working...

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Tue Jul 18 15:50:02 UTC 2023


> But there seems to be a problem with posts going into the archive and 
> being distributed to the list. Maybe it is just very slow?

It seems a few messages weren't delivered out of the new server because of 
missing reverse DNS. We're just going to have to wait until the ISP 
processes that. In the meantime, I'm sending all outgoing through another 
server (smarthosting) until that's fixed.

The other issue is that I just changed the DNS right before I sent my 
message, so DNS elsehwere on the Internet might take a little bit to catch 
up. You should be seeing the correct archives now, including the three 
responses to my message:


If you want to check for yourself, see if extropy.org and 
lists.extropy.org resolve to and 2600:1700:b80:15d0::5 :)


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