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>…Some people - not everyone by any extent, but a significant enough fraction of people - find it fun to have and raise children.  In this scenario, perhaps only they would create further generations, but they are enough that further generations would continue to be created…




Sure, but it could be that successive generations get smaller and smaller.


Adrian, consider the thought experiment with the two bins: those who believe that the purpose of human life is to create and raise the next generation and those who do not believe that.


In general, those who do not believe that have fewer genetic offspring, which gives a long term advantage to the life creators.  But the non-life creators have a memetic advantage: it is way easier to afford the good things in this life without offspring.  So… the non-lifers bring lifers over from the lifer bin to the non-lifer bin, while the lifers create more lifers.


If you think it over, it becomes clearer why there is such a severe culture war that generally pits the lifers against the non-lifers.



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