[ExI] well wishes for marilyn

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Thu Jul 20 16:48:36 UTC 2023

Reposting under new subject line.

Last Sunday, my son's childhood friend was in a bad accident, van hit her on
her bicycle.  She is busted up all to hell, comatose for three and a half
days, but when she woke up yesterday she was still Marilyn, asking all the
expected questions.  She has going in her favor that she was a track star
and in excellent physical condition.  This is the girl who organized a
non-profit math tutoring service at her high school, was a gold medalist
athlete, eagle in Boy Scouts, gold rank in girl scouts (two different
things) was scheduled to be the head of next week's National Youth
Leadership Training for Boy Scouts of America, just all around good kid.

Here's what I need from you please: write a sentence or two of encouragement
to the patient, considering what you would feel if you were a teenage track
star who suddenly needs to spend a few weeks at least in the hospital with
nothing to do.  If you have other chat groups, forward this note, ask them
to please write a line or two for a teenage accident victim, forward the
comments and well-wishes to me.  We are friends with her family.  I will
print, cut out, paste hard copy into handmade get-well cards or a poster or
both, take them over to her at the hospital.  Do it please, do it now, do it
with all the good will you can manage.  Post them here, offlist is fine:

spike at rainier66.com
and I will take it from there.  Her name is Marilyn Do.
Do it for Do.  Send them.  Do it now pls.  Thanks!


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