[ExI] well wishes for marilyn

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COOL thx Keith.  I will include this with the other messages.

I had 14 of Marilyn's friends and classmates at my house today, and they are coming back tomorrow, to finish up making posters and writing well-wishes.  We heard today that she is in a lot of pain but is out of danger mostly.  Still in ICU, but fortunately she was wearing a helmet when the van hit her and her brain did not swell.  Her sister was with her, but was not injured.  Marilyn was a track star, so it is likely that is down the drain now.

She is a science geek, so good chance she knows about Tabby's star.


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Hi Marilyn

Spike Jones (who I have known for ages) wrote to me about your being banged up.

Ouch.  Hope you recover entirely.

Hope they let you have a laptop.  If they do, you might dig into the news of the day, the discovery that a blinking star (Tabby's star) has
15 like it in a tight cluster.

Best wishes,

Keith Henson

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