[ExI] did gpt4 get dumber?

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Fri Jul 21 12:49:39 UTC 2023



It felt like GPT got dumber while I was away.  Gordon suggested that I got smarter, but I don’t think that is the case.  Chess players know that phenomenon well: humans definitely did get better during the era of chess software development, as we found out if we have old computer software: what once beat us we can now trounce.


But… I was mostly away from all internet for about four weeks while on the road, and there has been minimal GPT use for the two weeks since I returned because of circumstances.  So I didn’t get smarter since the first week of June, I got dumber.


But GPT seems to have gotten dumber still, and I have a possible explanation.  OpenAI is selling subscriptions like crazy.  We can safely assume they are not adding processors as fast as they are adding subscribers, so it would be reasonable to assume they need to spend less computing cycles per response, which would make it feel dumber than before.


GPT hipsters, does that sound about right?



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