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Mon Jul 24 13:51:26 UTC 2023


Thanks to all who wrote notes to Marilyn.  Although she was not released
from the ICU yesterday, her prognosis is good and she is improving.  We took
the cards and letters to her yesterday and dropped them off, but couldn't
see her at the hospital.  Her neck and back are not broken and her skull was
not fractured.  She has a list of internal injuries and broken bones
including a pelvis (owwww) but all that stuff will heal.  If you must get
into a horrifying accident, arrange beforehand to be 17 years old and be an
athlete.  Your chances of survival are better than otherwise.


Some of our own wrote some interesting comments.  Marilyn will get a kick
out of them, if she understands what we are talking about.  If not, nothing
lost, she can Google on it when happier times return.  Dr. Lajeunesse the
shooting survivor from ten years ago remembers us.  Thanks!



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