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How are you using it?

We're using it to clean up, or rewrite corporate purpose documents and such.

Sure does a great job.



Gadersd, I use it to teach me stuff about which I know nothing.


For instance…


How does Taylor Swift manage to hypnotize these enormous crowds of teenage girls?  Wassup widdat?  Swift is playing at the local stadium this Friday.  Jesus couldn’t get as many ticket sales as this girl.  Why?  She sings songs about how beautiful her friends are, how she is lonely up in the bleachers while her friend is a cheerleader and so on, while Taylor is a six ft real life Barbie doll with real singing talent and enough business sense to somehow convince these teenage girls she is their big buddy and understands.  Well bullshit.  I ain’t buying it any more than I did when Dolly Parton sang about Jolene fifty years ago.  I like the song and I like Dolly, still to this day, but I knew at the time there was no Jolene stealing her man, im-freaking-possible, and there is no cheerleader outshining Swift, who is sitting lonely up in the bleachers, just… bullshit Taylor.  Actually I do like Taylor Swift.  I just don’t believe the lyrics.  


So I asked ChatGPT:   What is it with Taylor Swift?  


GPT didn’t get it either.  It told me several true outdated facts about Taylor Swift, but it didn’t understand any better than I do why she makes millions of dollars singing songs about her bad choices in men and how lonely she is.


In any case, I want to figure out how to make money like she does.  That would be cool.



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