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>> A tale from my misspent youth.
> Wow, climbing down into a deep cave while carrying a load of dynamite on my back is something I would do only if a gun was pointed at my head, but to each their own.

The dynamite went down in bags lowered by ropes.  We did drop one bag
about 50 feet, but the dynamite was fresh and not very sensitive so it
didn't cause any problems.

It was by no means the riskiest thing I was involved with starting in
the late 50s.  I don't know how much of it was just luck, but nobody
was ever hurt on any of the many adventures we had.

The unusual aspect of this expedition was that I was not close (at the
time) to any of the other people (except for my wife at the time).
She was a more experienced caver than I was.

It was also kind of strange in that there was no leader that I
remember.  Those who went into the cave were experienced and just knew
what needed to be done to rig all the drops.  I was not much of a
caver at the time, but I had experience with climbing.  I was there as
the explosive guy and took care of that part.

I wasn't that experienced with explosives either.  When I think back
on it, it's amazing that we accomplished what we set out to do.


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