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>> Can you make a case that it would be worse than the current situation?
> I don't believe it will, but if tasked to make the case, I would say the greatest present danger is that it amplifies the agency of any user. So that ill-willed people might become more destructively capable than they otherwise would (e.g. the common example of a lone terrorist leveraging the AI's expertise in biotechnology to make a new pathogen)

We are fortunate that competence and destructive tendencies seem to be
anti-correlated.  But concerning new pathogens, spillovers, and
evolution have done the job without (as far as I know) human

> but the Internet has already done this to a lesser extent. I think agency amplification applies to everyone, and since there are more good-intentioned people than ill-intentioned ones, any generally-available amplification technology tends to be a net positive for humanity.
So far that seems to be the case.

If what we see at Tabby's Star is aliens, they got through the run-up
to the singularity.  Perhaps we can do it as well.

> Jason
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