[ExI] reuter's take on altman

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Fri Nov 24 21:11:10 UTC 2023

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> Ja of course.  But we are up to our eyeballs in a culture war in America.  How does one seek the good opinions of humans and other AIs alike under those conditions?

We do have an example where improving economics seems to be causal to
the IRA going out of business.  I don't know how AIs could improve the
economic outlook in the Rust Belt, but I have not asked.
> Considering the bitter and polarizing conflict over the Israelis vs Hamas, how does the AI seek the good opinions of humans?

I don't know.  Perhaps the AIs can dope it out.  Evolutionary
psychology allows me to understand what is going on, such as the IRA
going out of business, but it does not suggest solutions.  The IRA
lost support because the Irish women cut the number of children to
replacement.  Islamic culture can do that, Iran has reached
replacement, but Arab culture perhaps not.


> spike

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