[ExI] Pentagon’s AI initiatives accelerate towards lethal autonomous weapons

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 13:29:44 UTC 2023

Pentagon’s AI initiatives accelerate hard decisions on lethal autonomous weapons
By Frank Bajak      November 25, 2023


There is little dispute among scientists, industry experts and
Pentagon officials that the U.S. will within the next few years have
fully autonomous lethal weapons. And though officials insist humans
will always be in control, experts say advances in data-processing
speed and machine-to-machine communications will inevitably relegate
people to supervisory roles.

That’s especially true if, as expected, lethal weapons are deployed en
masse in drone swarms. Many countries are working on them — and
neither China, Russia, Iran, India or Pakistan have signed a
U.S.-initiated pledge to use military AI responsibly.

I wonder whether after AGI arrives, it would consider taking control
of all the lethal autonomous weapon systems?
Not just US weapons, but all countries' weapon systems.


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