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> >…Spike got it - okay.   I think ADrian's answer of 'ouch' might fit too.
> But I'll bet OK is said far more often.   In a medical setting Ok is added
> to just about every question ,even though it's not a question:
> 'We're just going to take one leg off, OK?'  (try saying 'NO' and see them
> fluster - the 'choice' you are given is almost always illusory).
>  bill w

Take a drink every time someone says OK:

> I had an advantage Billw: I live in an area where everybody is from
> somewhere.  I have overheard conversations in Spanish, in German, in
> American redneck, Ukrainian, Russian, every known African language,
> Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese and even French (we try to keep
> that one quiet.)  In every one of those languages, I hear them come to OK,
> liberally interspersed in a discussion and almost always at the end of a
> phone conversation.  That means the same in every language: I agree, good,
> let’s do that.  Every language on the planet, every conference, every
> negotiation, everything needs that term and they have all borrowed it from
> whoever invented it.  Who or where was that?


"OK's origins are disputed; however, most modern reference works hold that
it originated around Boston as part of a fad for misspelling in the late
1830s, and originally stood for "oll korrect [all correct]". This origin
was first described by linguist Allen Walker Read in the 1960s."

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